Is Your Name In The Book Of Life?

By Allen Carter Is Hell just a “make believe” place as false teachers , cultists and the unbelievers who reject Jesus Christ claim? Or is Hell a real place that the Bible says is eternal , a place of many torments that was originally created for Satan and his host … Continue reading

Take Some Time!

It amazes me all the people that just wander through life never taking anytime to think about what comes after death. Sure people think about it but most never really take the time to study it out. They have a smorgasbord board type of religion where they just pick and … Continue reading

Why I Use Gospel Tracts!

Why I use Gospel tracts.
Over the years I have heard many different opinions on Gospel Tracts. Many have been positive and many negative. So I wanted to write a post listing the reason I use Gospel tracts. Growing up I was a shy person I never had much courage when it came to visiting with people that I did not know. When I was saved I was so burdened to witness to others but I was so shy. One day I had went to a town about an hour away from my home and the conviction was just eating away at me. I prayed God please help me to witness. and asked God how can I witness when I am so nervous to talk with people. That night when I got home I had found a This Was Your Life Gospel tract that someone had put in my door. I knew that this was the answer to my prayer. I knew that this was God’s way of telling me how I could witness. I started purchasing tracts and then with the help of the internet found ministries like The Fellowship Tract League who provided tracts “Free as the Lord provides” That was over 12 years ago and I have been using tracts ever since. Below are a few ways that you could start a tract ministry: Continue reading